There are many myths about the web that many people should understand before they begin a website and try to make money.  These things include thinking if you build it they will come, the keywords are the most important, and you don’t need advertisers.

One of the biggest myths an online business can think is that if they build the website, the customers will begin pouring in.  In the 90’s, this was the case and it is how the web worked.  However, today, the internet is not setup to bring customers in as soon as a site goes live.  A passive income on the web is almost impossible and anyone telling you that you can design a site and sit back making millions of dollars is selling you something.  There is a lot of work you must do to have a business.  The good news for people who want to go through their Green Card renewal don’t need to worry about losing their citizenship through USCIS because you can still maintain a business out of the country.  US Visas are not required for a website business.

The keywords are not the most important factor on a website when you own a business.  Many people think they can just put keywords on their site and the content will drive in customers.  Keywords are important.  However, if you have a product and it is one that is difficult to spell and most customers misspell it when looking for it, don’t misspell the words.  Many websites misspell words on purpose trying to get through the search engines and be listed higher.  Sure, this will work to bring in those people who cannot spell.  However, it will cause you to lose credibility with the educated community who knows the words are spelled wrong.  Any company who cannot spell their own products looks like a scam and immediately loses credibility also.

Building an online business is the best thing that a company can do today and expected by most customers.  Many people believe they do not need to obtain advertisers and list them on their site.  Of course, too much advertising looks bad and makes a site look clustered.  However, advertisers bring in additional revenues for the advertisement spot and can help a business build working capital.  These are not advertisers through affiliate ads either.  True advertisements are obtained by the companies.  The more of these you can get, the better for your business.  It also helps you build credibility with the community when they see you are sponsored by big named advertisers.

Many companies that fail on the web are those who believe in some of the online myths about being successful.  Never think that you can build a site and people will immediately come and purchase from you.  Don’t buy into those scams.  An online business is hard work and if you are willing to put in the dedication and hard work, you can be successful.  Use keywords properly and find advertisers that will benefit your company.

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